About Millie

Ditch the Prescriptions and Get Supplemental-ized!

Life On the Farm

I was born on a farm two miles north of Almond, Wisconsin. The other day, I was telling my friend the kind of life I lived as a kid. She said, “Oh, but you must of had indoor plumbing with running water.” She was from Chicago and could not believe that people were living without those luxuries. My answer was, “No, we did not.” Electricity was not available to the farms, because the electric lines did not run in the rural areas. Electricity was only in town, not for farmers. I was 11 years old when finally they piped the lines down our dirt road.

Life Moves On

I settled in Milwaukee where I received most of my art education, which served me well during my life. All of my jobs included some sort of artistic knowledge.

At present, my family consists of three silly little girls — quite grown up, all with families.

During my working years, I have had a lot of jobs working for publishers, mostly in all male departments — electrical drafting, keyline artist to graphic designer to supervisor, set-up complete departments, sold travel trailers, and became a Real Estate Representative. When I needed more money, I ran a graphic design studio from my home. My background gave me the qualities that lead me to my now home based business ­— Health 4 You Naturally. To sum it all up, I am an artist, entrepreneur, writer, convention organizer, public speaker, sales person, and cook.

At present, my mission is helping people switch from prescription medications to healthy supplements, especially heart healthy supplements.

Doctors are prescribing medications that lead to depression, bloating, headaches, and a whole litany of side effects. By using the right kind of supplements and being on a sensible diet, along with exercise, will lead to better health — no doubt about it and without any side effects.

My Heart Healthy Story

I am a great example of switching from my doctors prescriptions to supplements. Seven years ago I had a stint placed in one of my arteries close to my heart. My heart physician sent me home with a list of medications. I took the pills for two years, while my arms, legs, upper torso became infested with huge bruises. While working out at the gym, someone would always ask me if someone at home was beating me up. And of course not, it was the combination of an aspirin a day and plavax that caused my blood to be thinned, which weakened my blood vessels, and my veins were popping like pop corn. It was then that I realized, if I wanted to live a while longer, I had better do something about it. That is when I found Melaleuca, a wellness company, a manufacturer of supplements and EcoSense friendly products that changed my life forever.

I was fortunate to find a holistic, open-minded doctor who helped me get off of the money eating prescriptions that I was taking. It is true, prescriptions are covered somewhat by insurance companies, while supplements are not, as of yet. However, supplements are:

• Safer by far — supplements save lives!
• No side effects
• Much cheaper than prescription drugs

Oh, how so?

I was paying over $200.00 per month for my heart medications. I now only pay $72.99. But listen up! The $72.99 includes heart healthy supplements that kill free radicals (for more information on Free Radicals, coming soon) calcium, florify, and multivitamins with minerals. What a bargain! I save $121.01+ each and every month. Now, I am feeling great and living a safe and healthy life.

To switch from medications to healthy supplements, one must first find a physician who is agreeable and who will order tests every month. A patient CANNOT switch on their own. I did a search on the Internet and asked the local hospital for a doctor who believes in alternative medicine. I found one physician who fit the description, and I signed up. We worked together on switching over to supplements. First my doctor ordered a Lipid Panel plus other tests. I then started taking the supplements along with my prescribed medications. After a month, my doctor ordered tests again. When the numbers showed a change and my doctor thought that I could drop a medication, I would drop that medication. My medications were dropped one by one using this process. It was repeated many times until my doctor was satisfied that I did not need any medications anymore. I am side effects free!